“There is no distinction between a Jew by birth and a Jew by choice.  The Talmud teaches: “The proselyte who studies Torah is equal to the Kohain gadol—High Priest.”

Converting to Judaism involves a great deal of learning and new experiences. Temple Anshe Sholom is happy to sponsor those sincerely interested in becoming Jewish with strong spiritual leadership and mentors who will guide them through the process.

To become a Jew by choice one must meet with the Rabbi to discuss whether this is the right choice for you as well as a course of study. Once there is agreement and acceptance, one begins the conversion process.  It entails: weekly meetings with the Rabbi where we will study, explore and discuss: The Jewish Holidays, Life Cycle, History/Holocaust, Israel, and learn basic Hebrew. The candidate is expected, not only to study about Judaism, but to live Jewishly as well. The conversion process will culminate with a beit din (Jewish law court), Mikveh (immersion), and the signing of an official certificate of conversion.

Rabbi Isaacs provides a caring and understanding environment for those individuals and couples considering conversion to Judaism. He is available to answer questions, provide guidance at services and to give support through the entire process.

To receive more information, please call the temple’s Administrative Assistant at 708-748-6010